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Civil War Battlefield Bullets – Pick Your Battle!

Civil War Battlefield Bullets

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Product Description

Genuine Civil War Bullets from the Gettysburg Battlefield recovered pre-national park (100% legal to own!) All certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The number at the bottom of the bullet is a museum catalog number. Please choose from the following locations and indicate your desired location in the Customer Notes Section when ordering. If you do not specify a location we will make the selection for you.
- Wheat Field
- Culp’s Hill
- Big Round Top
- Reynold’s Woods
- Camp Letterman
- Granite School House Road
- Power’s Hill
- 3rd Corps Hospital
- 2nd Corps Hospital
- 5th Corps Hospital
- 1st Corps Hospital
- Neil Avenue
- Pennsylvania Monument
- Swisher’s Woods
- Munford Farm
- G. Weikert Farm
- Fairfield Road

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