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Original Civil War Relic Bullet In Wood (War Log) Recovered At The Spotsylvania Battlefield Certified

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Original Civil War Relic Bullet In Wood Recovered At The Spotsylvania Battlefield. A very nice solid piece of wood with a Civil War Minie ball embedded. Called “war logs” they are among the most desirable and asked for Civil War relics. A very nice piece!  The wood has grown around the bullet so it was from a living  tree not a fence post or building. When bullets strike living trees the tree continues to grow around the bullet like this one has.  Recovered at the Spotsylvania   battlefield in  Virginia. This bullet was recovered about 50-60 years ago on what was then private property.  A very nice Civil War relic from a very famous historical location. 100% guaranteed to be authentic Gettysburg Museum certified, museum COA provided.