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Original Bullet From The Bloody Angle Gettysburg Battlefield

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Picketts_Charge angle
The Angle (Bloody Angle) is a Gettysburg Battlefield area which includes the 1863 Copse of Trees used as the target landmark for Pickett’s Charge, the 1892 monument that marks the high-water mark of the Confederacy, and several other Battle of Gettysburg monuments.
The area is where 1500 Confederate Virginians broke through the July 3, 1863, Union line on Cemetery Ridge. It is considered one of the most, if not the most important spots on the field and was the climax of Pickett’s Charge. Genuine Gettysburg Battlefield bullet recovered from Angle of Pickett’s Charge area, which occurred on July 3, 1863. Will vary from the one in the photo. We will pick the best one from our inventory. It is Housed in a matted and labeled Riker case with museum documentation. All Gettysburg relics were obtained before it was national Park and are 100% legal to own. Bullets are rare from This area. Limited supply.