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Original Bullet Recovered At The Rail Road Cut Gettysburg

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Original bullet recovered at the Rail Road Cut Gettysburg. the rail road cut of the Gettysburg Battlefield was the place of an 1863 military engagement during the first Day of the Battle of Gettysburg, near the Edward McPherson farmhouse. It was an excavation in which railroad tracks had not yet been placed, but which provided a deep entrenchment. During the day, units from the Union Army of the Potomac deployed near the rail road cut to contest the attacks of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. The Confederates were held off during the morning and early afternoon but were able to drive off the Union army due to superior numbers. This is a very rare and desirable location for relics. This bullet was recovered before it was National Park and is 100% authentic and legal to own. Housed in a matted and labeled Riker case with museum documentation.