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Original Iron Brigade U.S. Plate From Reynold’s Woods Gettysburg

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A remarkable early pick up U.S. box plate with both box hooks broken. This was found in Reynold’s Woods.This was found in the area where the famous Iron Brigade fought on July 1st 1863. It has a remarkable chocolate brown patina. It was found by legendary battlefield author and relic collector Dean Thomas. It is documented in his notes and has “Reynolds Woods” typed on his tag. This is an exceptional plate and comes with complete museum documentation. Well documented plates like this from Reynolds Woods are RARE! For the collector who wants the very best. There can be almost no doubt that this was lost by an Iron Brigade soldier on July 1st 1863. Don’t miss this unique chance to own a real American treasure from one of the battle of Gettysburg’s most famous combat units. Comes with a deaccession letter from the Gettysburg Museum of History documenting the provenance of this artifact.