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Eva Braun’s Personally Owned “EB” Butterfly Monogram Handkerchief Taken From The Berghof By A U.S. Soldier

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Eva Braun’s Personally Owned “EB” butterfly monogram Handkerchief Taken From The Berghof (His Home) By A U.S. Soldier. A white cloth cotton handkerchief owned by Braun and recovered from the Berghof tunnels. Eva Braun would hand embroidered her initials on most of her items. There were air-raids just before the Allies arrived and some of Hitler’s valuables were moved to the tunnels underneath for safe keeping. Many soldiers used linens and  Eva Braun’s Handkerchiefs to wrap silver in to mail home. This handkerchief  was obtained by Dr. Mark Griffith. Dr. Mark Griffith wrote several books on WWII and 2 books specifically on Adolf Hitler’s silver and artifacts. 100% guaranteed to be authentic complete museum documentation (COA) provided. An amazing historical artifact from the mistress of the 20th century’s most infamous person. Don’t miss your chance to own a real museum authenticated Braun piece  with solid U.S. Veteran provenance. Eva Braun personal items are a great investment item and the prices keep going up and with real historically accurate U.S. Veteran provenance making the investment potential endless. Very limited.  See our other pieces on our web site.