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Eva Braun’s Personally Owned Silver Tea Spoon Taken By A U.S. Solider (Very Rare) Published And Certified

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Eva Braun’s Personally Owned  Silver Tea Spoon Taken By A U.S. Solider (Scarce) Certified. From her  personal silver service set taken from the Berghof by a U.S. soldier. Has the proper hallmark  for this piece and the “EB” “Clover” or “Butterfly” monogram designed for her my Albert Speer. This set was recovered near Bertesgaden by a U.S. Veteran  and most likely was from the tunnels under Hitler’s home the Berghof just above Bertesgaden. James French of the U.S. 3rd Division obtained this set from one of his comrades and it is detailed in an interview with French. This Eva Braun silver set was published in 1983 in Dr. Mark Giffith’s book on Third Reich silver. We included in this listing the interview with French and photos of this set in this listing. This knifewas also in Dr. Griffith’s collection and he obtained directly from French, he sold it in 1983 and bought it back. So this set is very well documented and the provenance is very solid. Eva Braun also lived at the Berghof with Hitler and many of her belongings were taken by  U.S. Soldiers  when  Berghof fell in May of 1945. 100% guaranteed to be authentic complete museum documentation (COA) provided. An amazing historical artifact from the mistress of  the 20th century’s most infamous person Adolf Hitler, Published, True U.S. Veteran provenance. A RARE Opportunity.