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Hitler’s Mistress Eva Braun’s Personally Owned Envelope recovered From Bertesgaden

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Hitler’s Mistress Eva Braun’s Personal Envelope Recovered From Bertesgaden.  This envelope was owned by Eva Braun the mistress of Adolf Hitler and was part of her personalized stationary.  She would have used this for correspondence. This envelope was recovered at Bertesgaden by a U.S. Veteran  and most likely was from the tunnels under Hitler’s home the Berghof just above Bertesgaden. Eva Braun also lived at the Berghof with Hitler and many of her belongings were taken by both U.S. Soldiers and civilians when the Berghof fell in May of 1945. 100% guaranteed to be authentic complete museum documentation (COA) provided. An amazing historical artifact from the mistress of  the 20th century’s most infamous person Adolf Hitler, RARE.