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Original WWII German NSDAP (Nazi) Party Flag Bearer’s Gorget And Chain Brought Back By A U.S. Veteran Certified

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Original WWII German NSDAP (Nazi) Party Flag Bearer’s Gorget And Chain Brought Back By A U.S. Veteran Certified. Outstanding example NSDAP flag Bearer’s  Gorget. The NSDAP  Gorget was introduced by the Nazi Party in April 1939 and was to be worn by all flag bearers officially entrusted with carrying NSDAP unit standards, each of which had been consecrated by touching the “Blood Flag” stained with the blood of those killed in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. It was the largest of all the gorgets worn by military and paramilitary organizations in the Third Reich. This  one is near perfect. The gorget is made from a light metal, about 9 inches long and 4-1/2 inches high, and features a very detailed oak leaf border around a large and impressive right-facing national eagle emblem. The eagle is stunning, with polished high points contrasting sharply with the original chocolate brown  darkening in the recesses.  The reverse retains all of the original hooks that were used to firmly affix this to the wearer’s uniform.  The green felt backing is in almost perfect condition void of any moth nips. This NSDAP  Gorget is complete with its original chain,  which is about 24 inches long, and features alternating wreathed swastika and national eagle emblem ornamentation on its 31 links. Both the chain and the gorget have matching maker marks, RZM M1/128, for the well-known award manufacturer Eugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim.. A great example, almost mint. some light storage wear. Superb, untouched example.  Brought home by a 6th Armored Division U.S. Veteran part of a large hoard of items we recently obtained. A fantastic piece of WWII history.    Nice WWII period NSDAP gorget  and chain captured by an Allied Veteran and brought home as a war trophy.  100% Guaranteed to be authentic.  Complete museum documentation (COA) Provided. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The Gettysburg Museum of History does not support or condone Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party and is only offering this as a historic relic. Please see our other items.  Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers.