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Original WWII German SA MILITARY DEFENSE/TEAM SPORTS ARMBAND With RZM Tag Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified

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Original WWII German SA MILITARY DEFENSE/TEAM SPORTS ARMBAND With RZM. The “SA -Wehrmannschaft” (SA -Military-defense-training-groups) were formed in January 1939 as a response to Hitler’s decree for the SA to provide pre- and post-military defense training to all civilian males aged from 18 to 65 years old. Effectively a Home Guard comprised of those deemed unfit for regular military service due to age or partial infirmity, they wore a distinctive armband which incorporated the “SA -Wehrabzeichen” (SA Sports-badge) which, after July 1942, was restricted to wear on civilian clothing. The approximately 10cm x 45cm red cotton armband has a 9cm diameter white field sewn to it, upon which is the SA sports badge machine woven in copper-colored threads. The SA sports badge is in the form of an upright short sword against a mobile swastika surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. The armband’s vertical seam is to the reverse. Still has the original paper RZM tag inside (see photos).  In good condition. Nice used example showing the expected  age and wear. 100% Guaranteed to be authentic Brought home by a U.S. solider as a trophy of war.  Complete museum documentation (COA) Provided. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The Gettysburg Museum of History does not support or condone Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party and is only offering this as a historic relic. Please see our other items.  Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers.