Amazing Triple Struck Culp’s Hill War Log Battle Of Gettysburg


A piece of wood with 3 Civil War bullets embedded (triple struck)! Found on Culp’s Hill Gettysburg, Pa. This amazing relic was part of the Jennie Wade Museum display (see the vintage 1959 snapshot from the Jennie Wade Museum) This log can be seen in the top of the photo. The log is over 12″ and very heavy and solid with no rot. It was also displayed in the Charlie Weaver Museum and The Gettysburg Museum of History. The 3rd bullet was held in with a nail to keep it secure. The other 2 are embedded and solid. Multiple struck pieces of wood from Gettysburg are very desirable and very rare. Comes with a deaccession letter from the Gettysburg Museum of History documenting the provenance of this artifact.


Gettysburg-museum0007Gettysburg-museum0008Gettysburg-museum0009Gettysburg-museum0011Culps hill 1culps-hill treeGettysburg-museum0059