This display incorporates all the most famous historic spots on the Gettysburg Battlefield into one amazing package. This includes 8 bullets and balls. Representing day one of the battle you will receive 3 bullets and balls from such locations as Herr’s Ride, the Rail Road Cut and Reynolds Woods. Representing day two of the battle you will receive locations such as Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, the Wheatfield or Big Round Top. There will be 3 different bullets or balls. For day three you will receive 2 different bullets or balls from both the Union and Confederate side of the battlefield. In all eight different bullets and balls and a good mix of Union/Confederate bullets. This is truly a very historic artifact for even the advanced collector. Matted and framed with a Riker frame. Mat color and picture may vary. These relics are certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The bullets were recovered before Gettysburg was a National Park and is 100% legal to own. Museum documentation included. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. Bullet locations may very. No location choices available but these are the absolute most premium locations. For those who want the very best. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY!!!