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President John F. Kennedy’s Personally Owned Record Of His Grandfather Honey Fitz

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President John F. Kennedy's Personally Owned Record Of His Grandfather Honey Fitz. A one of a kind 78 rpm recording of John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald (JFK's Grandfather) signing “sweet Adeline” a song he made famous with the Kennedy family along with another song. This is a recording made at a studio and produced for Honey Fitz and not a commercial release. This record was in JFK's White House files and was personally owned by JFK. This might be the only version of this particular recording. A fascinating piece of Camelot Kennedy history. 100% guaranteed to be authentic JFK owned. Gettysburg Museum Certified (Museum COA provided). Exhibited in the Robert L. White Museum as well as The Gettysburg Museum Of History. A rare opportunity.