JFK Assassination Jack Ruby’s Infamous “Jada” Card From His Night Club Certified


JFK Assassination Jack Ruby’s Infamous “Jada” Card From His Night Club. A very rare historical piece of the JFK assassination. This card was made by night club owner Jack Ruby for his regulars and Dallas police officers. It was a pass to get into his Carousel Burlesque club to see his new main act “Jada”. Jada was a headliner show girl who was very famous on the burlesque scene in the early 1960’s. Ruby hired her to perform in his club in July 1963 her contract was to go until December of 1963. Jada was at the club during the JFK assassination. When Jada found out Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963 she fled Dallas in such a hurry she had an automobile accident. She has been the center of many conspiracy theories involving both the JFK assassination and Ruby’s killing of Oswald. These cards are extremely rare! We have only seen three but there might be more. An interesting JFK/Jack Ruby/Oswald related artifact. These Cards are very desirable and valuable to JFK assassination collectors and historians. 100% guaranteed to be authentic. Gettysburg Museum Certified, Museum COA provided. Are rare opportunity.