Original WWII German TWO PLACE MEDAL BAR. (Grosse Ordensschnalle) Certified


Original WWII German TWO PLACE MEDAL BAR. (Grosse Ordensschnalle) Certified. The wear of Awards, Medal Bars and Ribbon Bars were addressed in regulations of April 28TH 1937 and followed the established directives that had been previously laid down. When an award was instituted the introductory orders would prescribe the proper form of wear with most of the awards being permitted to be grouped together on a medal or ribbon bar. The medal bars were intended for wear on the walking-out dress and formal uniforms while the ribbon bars were intended for all other forms of dress. Strict regulations listed the required order in which awards were authorized to be worn on the medal and ribbon bars.  Medal bar features a 1914 Iron Cross 2ND class, and a  Kvk 2 w/swords Complete with original pinback device. Nice  medal bar! Great condition  A RARE SET! Complete museum documentation (COA) Provided. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The Gettysburg Museum of History does not support or condone Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party and is only offering this as a historic relic. Please see our other items.    Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers.

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