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WWII German Medal & Document Grouping Killed At Normandy June 8, 1944

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WWII German Medal & Document Grouping Killed At Normandy June 8, 1944. Grouping includes a west wall medal and document for a German soldier stationed in Normandy who was killed on June 8, 1944 just after D-Day. The medal is a Die struck, tombac construction medal with a bronze wash is in the form of a roughly, 41mm tall, 32mm wide, vertical oval with embossed, oak-leaf wreath edging encompassing a smooth field with an embossed national eagle with out-stretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted swastika in its talons, positioned above a crossed spade and sword which are in turn positioned above a pillbox to the obverse. The reverse also has the embossed, oak-leaf wreath edging which encompasses embossed, Latin script, “Für Arbeit zum Schutze Deutschlands”, (For Work on the Defenses of Germany), on a smooth background field. The medal loop and the ribbon suspension ring are both intact and come complete with the original ribbed rayon ribbon. Also included is the issue envelope. Has the issue certificate with the soldiers name. Also included is the research on this soldier. A rare Normandy KIA set. 100% guaranteed to be authentic Gettysburg Museum certified, museum COA provided.