President John F. Kennedy’s Personal Suit Worn 1955-60

Portfolio Description

 President John F. Kennedy’s Personal Suit Worn 1955-60. This tailored suit by “H. Harris” was made for JFK in 1955 the tag inside says “Senator J. F. Kennedy. Kennedy wore the suit in scores of events and on the campaign trail documented in several  photos.  In 1960  he gave the suit to his maid  Providencia F. Paredes’ son who was going to college and needed a good suit. They were African American and he was the first member of the Paredes family to go to college. In the suit’s pocket was a note that said: “Senator Johnson wants you to call according to Mrs. Lincoln” with Johnson’s phone number. The newly elected Kennedy had been asked to call his new vice President and was still being referred to as “Senator Johnson” being that they were not to be sworn in until 1/20/61. This suit was a present to Paredes for Christmas 1960. Providencia Paredes auctioned JFK’s suit in the 1990’s. This is one of only 2 documented JFK worn suits outside the JFK Library collection. A true American treasure. img_4562jfk-suit-cropjfk-suit-2-cropjfk-suit-4-cropjfk-suit-3-crop