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Ambassador Hotel

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    2 Original Kennedy Bumper Stickers From RFK’s Assassination Ambassador Hotel 6/5/68

    2 Original Kennedy Bumper Stickers From RFK's Assassination Ambassador Hotel 6/5/68. 2 bumper stickers from the 1968 Robert F. Kennedy campaign that were present the night of the assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Please see photo of RFK speaking that night the event coordinators placed these stickers all over the event hall. The 2 stickers you will receive are ones that were there but unused. A "witness sticker", we have several and will pick the best 2 for you.  Some may have limited water stains and storage wear from 48 plus years of storage. A real piece of American political history. We obtained these directly from one of the Robert Kennedy campaign personal that was involved with this event. After the assassination they were stored away until we obtained them. The RFK assassination was one of the darkest hours in the 20th century ending a promising political career and leaving the world stunned. 100% guaranteed to be authentic,  Museum documentation (COA)  provided. Very limited amount left in our collection.