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bullet in wood

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    Fantastic Early Museum Display Bullet In Wood (War Log) From The Danner Museum Gettysburg’s First Museum

    Fantastic Early Museum Display Bullet In Wood From The Danner Museum Gettysburg's First Museum. A very solid large hard white oak piece of wood with a minie ball. Originally from The Danner Museum with white painted “33” Danner Museum markings. This wood has grown around the bullet and the tree healed by emitting sap, a very interesting early recovery. The number “34” in white paint is typical of Danner Museum relics (see period photo of their display. The piece also has another museum accession number on the reverse which indicates that it went into another museum in 1938. Bullets in wood from Gettysburg's Danner Museum are very rare. A very large heavy thick war log. A fantastic early Gettysburg Museum piece worthy of the most advanced collections. Gettysburg Museum certified, museum COA provided.

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    Large Double Struck Culp’s Hill War Log (Bullets In Wood) Gettysburg

    Original Large piece of white oak with 2 Civil War bullets embedded. A very heavy, solid piece found on Culp's Hill. The path of the bullet can be seen. This piece is one of the better ones we have seen. Multiple struck pieces of wood from Gettysburg are very desirable and very rare. Comes with a deaccession letter from the Gettysburg Museum of History documenting the provenance of this artifact.