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Elvis Presley

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    Elvis Presley’s Personally Owned .22 Bullet From His Gun Bag From The Elvis Presley Museum

    Elvis Presley's Personally Owned .22 Bullet From His Gun Bag From The Elvis Presley Museum. Original vintage .22 caliber long cartridge found in Elvis Presley's shotgun case. Many years ago we bought an Elvis owned shotgun and gun case from the Elvis Museum in Tennessee. In the pocket of the case were a few loose .22 bullets. The gun and case were given to Billy Smith his cousin by Elvis. Billy Smith sold the Gun and several items to the Elvis Museum, the Gettysburg Museum of History bought the gun and case. 100% guaranteed to be owned by Elvis you will receive one (1) bullet owned by Elvis. Comes with Museum documentation (COA) Very limited supply.  We do not recommend firing antique guns or bullets. If you decide to  shoot it, we will not be held liable for any results. You are responsible for knowing your local laws. No sales to New Jersey, New York , D.C., California, or outside the United States. No Paypal payments on guns or antique ammo.

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    Elvis Presley Authentic Artifacts



    Authentic artifacts from Elvis Presley. The gold curtain was from the famous music room in Graceland and was originally obtained from Jimmy Velvet who owned the first Elvis