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Gettysburg Museum Of History

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    Gen. Lee’s Headquarters Witness Wood And Authentic Gettysburg Bullet Display In Collector’s Glass Case

    General Lee’s Headquarters Witness Wood And Civil War Bullet From The Battle Of Gettysburg Found Near Lee’s H.Q. Classic image of General Lee on his horse “Traveler”. Authentic wood piece from a tree at the world famous Thompson House better known as General Lee’s Headquarters with a Civil War bullet recovered near the house (Seminary Ridge). Matted and framed with a Riker frame. Mat color may vary. This relic is certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The bullet was recovered before Gettysburg was a National Park and is 100% legal to own. Museum documentation (COA) included. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The wood comes from the original witness tree. A “Witness Tree”  is a tree that was standing during the battle of Gettysburg. This tree can be seen in many of the early photos of Lee’s H.Q.  This piece of witness wood was obtained by The Gettysburg Museum of History  from the former owners of the property. The tree was cut down in the 1960’s. An amazing historic relic from one of Gettysburg’s most iconic spots. The bullet in this display was found on Seminary Ridge. The Thompson house is on Seminary Ridge. A fantastic set for the Civil War enthusiast and a great gift idea. A nice size 8″/12″ is the overall size of the glass case. Please see our other Gettysburg battlefield relics and collectors sets. Very limited supply.

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    Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg: A Guide to the Most Famous Attack in American History (Signed)

    More than 150 years after the event, the grand attack against the Union position on Cemetery Ridge still emotionally resonates with Gettysburg enthusiasts like no other aspect of the battle. On the afternoon of July 3, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee ordered more than 12,000 Southern infantrymen to undertake what would become the most legendary charge in American military history. This attack, popularly but inaccurately known as “Pickett’s Charge,” is often considered the turning point of the Civil War’s seminal battle of Gettysburg. Although much has been written about the battle itself and Pickett’s Charge in particular, Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg is the first battlefield guide for this celebrated assault. One of the best new books about Gettysburg since Hessler's "Sickles At Gettysburg". AUTOGRAPHED by at least one of the Authors. The Gettysburg Museum of History provided some photographic and historical material for this book. This book has The Gettysburg Museum Of History's highest recommendations.

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    Tour The Gettysburg Battlefield In Style With The Gettysburg Museum Of History Baseball Hat

    Tour The Gettysburg Battlefield In Style With The Gettysburg Museum Of History Baseball Hat. High quality black adjustable baseball hat with applied embroidered Gettysburg Museum of History logo shield.

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    Confederate Flag Rather Be Historically Accurate Than Politically Correct 16OZ Mug



    Confederate Flag Gettysburg Museum of History -"We Would Rather Be Historically Accurate Than Politically Correct" 16OZ Mug.  Show your support for your favorite museum who stood up for history.