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    SS Leader Heinrich Himmler’s Personally Owned Post Card “Liberated” From His Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified

    SS Leader Heinrich Himmler's Personally Owned Post Card "Liberated" From His Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified. A postcard addressed to Heinrich Himmler with text and photo of a house with postage stamp and postal cancellation mark. This card was saved by Himmler and was his personal property until it was "liberated" from his home as a war trophy by a U.S. Veteran. We have a collection of items removed from Himmler's home including his personal correspondence, personal photos and an Amber covered Mein Kamph book given to him or his wife by Hitler. This was from Himmler's lakeside home "Haus Lindenfycht" south of Munich. An amazing piece of history.  in good condition an outstanding  example. Don't miss this one! 100% guaranteed to be authentic brought home by a U.S. Veteran as a trophy of war.  Complete museum documentation (COA) Provided. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The Gettysburg Museum of History does not support or condone Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party and is only offering this as a historic relic. Please see our other items.  Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers.