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Presidential memorabilia

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    Original Handwritten Song Sheet From Ford’s Theater (Lincoln Assassination) Certified

    Original Handwritten Song Sheet From Ford's Theater (Lincoln Assassination), This offering is for one (1) song sheet from our collection of Ford's Theater music book collection. Many years ago we obtained the Ford's Theater hand written song book and the bells from Ford's Theater. These items came from John Lawrence Rosenberger The orchestra director of Ford's Theater (former Robert L. White collection). The book is all handwritten music and lyrics and it has several extra pieces of hand written musical scores both music and lyrics. You will receive one of these sheets. . A very rare Lincoln assassination related artifact. 100% guaranteed to be authentic. Gettysburg Museum Certified, Museum COA provided. A rare opportunity.

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    Abraham Lincoln Collector Coin


    A lovely gold color coin commemorating the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. The back of the package offers some Q & A's about Lincoln so you can test your knowledge.

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    Abraham Lincoln – The Lincoln Memorial


    A lovely figurine of Abraham Lincoln as seen at The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. This piece is approximately 5" high and would be a nice addition to any Lincoln