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SS Belt

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    Original WWII German National Forestry Service Uniform Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran

    Original WWII German National Forestry Service Uniform Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran. Forestry and hunting in Germany enjoys a long history and traditions that continue to the present day. In July of 1933, Hermann Göring was appointed as "Reichsforst und Jägermeister" (National-forestry and Hunting-master), as head of the "Reichsforstamt" (National-forestry-department). In that capacity he was in charge of administering all aspects of forestry and hunting, including the development, maintenance and conservation of all of the forests and wild game within Germany. The dark-teal wool construction. All original stitching to collar tabs and shoulder boards. Buttons are all complete and look to have original stitching too. One large period done tailor made repair to the back (see photos) otherwise near mint condition with no moth nips. The collar tabs attached to this tunic are for the rank of Oberforstmeister. Sew-on boards of interwoven dark green braid on a green wool base. Each board has a silver washed alloy acorn rank/position pip. Represent an Oberforstmeister in the Privat Forst Dienst (Private Forestry Service). Chest size is very large. Comes with a nice matching pair of extra large trousers. Great set, condition is wonderful. From the Dr. Mark Griffth collection. Dr. Griffith wrote several books on WWII and received many items direct from U.S. Veterans. Gettysburg Museum of History certified (Museum COA) included. A rare uniform especally in this condition.

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    Original WWII Waffen SS Uniform Grouping


    A great authentic group. Includes an Italian camouflage cold weather fur lined (used by the SS). SS belt and buckle, 2 ammo pouches, Y-straps, bread bag, canteen, K-98 bayonet, and