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WWII Broadside

  • Very Rare Original WWII Bastogne Broadside Unexploded Ordnance Battle Of The Bulge

    SOLD A very rare original WWII era broadside 8/11" printed and stamped paper warning the civilians of Bastogne Belgium of the dangers of un-exploded ordinance. These broadsides were issued and passed around by the local government after several civilians were killed attempting to de-activate grenades and other munitions. Bastogne was the center-point of the 101st Airborne area of the battle of the bulge. Bastogne was bombed by German aircraft and shelled by German artillery and tanks. There was un-exploded ordnance of all types lying everywhere so it become very dangerous even after the fighting stopped. A very rare opportunity. Do not miss this one! Gettysburg Museum Certified (COA) provided. Rare 100% Guaranteed to be authentic.