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Original Civil War Period Large Caliber Double Barrel Percussion Cap And Ball Non-Working Antique Pistol

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Original Civil War Period Large Caliber Double Barrel Cap And Ball Antique Pistol. Non-Working good condition Civil War period boot pistol This was most likely imported for the U.S. market during the Civil War. There is no date or numbers so it is impossible to accurately date this one. Most likely late 1850's to Early Civil War. It is a engraved version with check carved wood grips. The spring is broken but can be fixed it does not work, does not cock and fire. The gun is about a .45 caliber! A choice beautiful display pistol. A favorite of both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War. Many Civil War soldiers carried private purchase “back up” weapons as illustrated in the photo above. This gun is 100% guaranteed to be authentic, and unaltered. A fantastic non-functioning display piece. Complete museum documentation (COA) provided. This is a pre-1898 antique gun so no federal registration is required. Although this is a non working gun we do not recommend firing antique guns. If you decide to repair and shoot it, we will not be held liable for any results. You are responsible for knowing your local laws. No sales to New Jersey, New York City, D.C., or outside the United States. No Paypal payments on guns.