Deluxe Jennie Wade House Brick And Confederate Bullet Set Display In Collector’s Glass Case


Very Limited! Authentic brick piece from the world famous Jennie Wade house with a Civil War bullet recovered near the house (Cemetery Hill). Matted and framed with a Riker frame. with museum mat and art. The frame is 8″/12″ a great size and perfect gift.   Mat color and picture may vary. The brick in this set was taken from the bricks that were knocked down by an artillery shell during the battle of Gettysburg. This hole in the wall was also used to carry Jennie Wade’s body out of the house and into the cellar. The bullet (found on Cemetery Hill near the Jennie Wade house) is a Confederate bullet like the one that killed her. This set is different than our other Jennie Wade set. The brick in this set is very special and limited because of the historic location of this actual brick. Also it has a Confederate bullet in the display.   This relic is certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. The bullet was recovered before Gettysburg was a National Park and is 100% legal to own. Museum documentation included. Jennie Wade heroine of the battle of Gettysburg. About 8:30 a.m. on July 3, Wade was kneading dough for bread when a Minié ball traveled through the kitchen door of her sister’s house and hit her. It pierced her left shoulder blade, went through her heart, and ended up in her corset. She was killed instantly. While it is uncertain which side fired the fatal shot, some historians have attributed it to an unknown Confederate sharpshooter.
Shortly afterward, three Union soldiers discovered the body and told the rest of the family. They temporarily buried Wade’s body in the back yard of the McClellan house, in a coffin originally intended for a Confederate officer. In January 1864, her body was relocated to the cemetery of the German Reformed Church on Stratton Street. On July 4, her mother baked 15 loaves of bread with the dough Wade had kneaded. Jennie also gave retreating Union soldiers water on July 1st 1863. The bullet in this display was found on Cemetery Hill. The Jennie Wade house is on Cemetery Hill. The Jennie Wade house and story has been featured in countless books and television shows and part of the fabric of Gettysburg history and legend. This relic is certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. Museum documentation (COA)   Certificate Of Authenticity included . Very limited. Please see our other Gettysburg battlefield collectors sets available on our web site. The perfect gift for the serious Gettysburg enthusiast.

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