Best Set Authentic Gettysburg 3 Bullet Set Union, Musket Ball, Confederate Most Historic Locations In Collector’s Glass Case Certified


Best Set Authentic Gettysburg 3 Bullet Set Union, Musket Ball, Confederate In Collector’s Glass Case.  One of our most popular sets! This set includes the three most used types of ammo in the Civil War. The Union 3 ring Minie Ball, the .69 caliber musket ball, and the Confederate 2 ring Minie Ball. We selected one of each to represent the most historic location for each of the three days of battle at Gettysburg. For day one, you will receive a Union 3 ring bullet recovered in Reynold’s Woods where the famous Iron Brigade fought gallantly on July 1st 1863. For day two you will receive a .69 caliber musket ball (used by both Union and Confederate soldiers) recovered on Little Round Top. Little Round Top was the spot on the Gettysburg battlefield where the famous 20th Maine commanded by Joshua Chamberlain fought on July 2nd 1863. Their fight was portrayed in the movie “Gettysburg”! For day three you will receive a Confederate 2 ring Minie Ball recovered in the Pickett’s Charge area (around the Confederate battle line). So to sum it up you get 3 bullets 1 of each of the basic types used from the 3 most historic spots on the field. This is the set most people buy if they are not sure what they want. An excellent starter set for the new collector; you can’t go wrong! Comes matted and framed in a Riker box (Mat color may vary. All relics 100% guaranteed to be authentic from the Gettysburg battlefield recovered pre-National Park and is legal to own. Comes with Museum documentation of authenticity  (COA).Very limited. Please see our other Gettysburg battlefield collectors sets available on our web site.    Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers.

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