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Blood Stained M-42 Reinforced Paratrooper Uniform Worn On D-Day By Stanley Medaj 502 PIR 101st Airborne

Wounded on D-Day, 101st Airborne Paratrooper Stanley Medaj. This M-42 reinforced paratrooper uniform worn on D-Day by Stanley Medaj Headquarters Company 3rd Battalion 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st […]

Helmet Of Ralph Devaney 506 PIR 101st Airborne Killed On D-Day

 The M-1 Paratrooper helmet worn by Private Ralph B. Devaney Company H 3/506 PIR 101st Airborne. Private Devaney was killed on D-Day.  His IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File) states that […]

Major Dick Winters Overcoat Worn During The Battle Of The Bulge

Major Dick Winters Overcoat Worn During The Battle Of The Bulge. WWII Officers Coat Purchased In Philadelphia By Winters Before Going Overseas. Col. Sink Sent Winters To Buy Officers Coats […]

Major Dick Winters Paratrooper Jacket Worn On D-Day

Major Dick Winters Paratrooper Uniform Worn On D-Day. Model 42 Jump Jacket With Reinforced Pockets And Elbows. Winters Also Put On An Extra Pocket On Both Sleeves. The Photo Of […]

WWII Uniform Of Major Dick Winters And Photo Of Winters Wearing The Same Uniform

Major Dick Winter's WWII Class A Officer's Uniform. This Uniform Is The Same One That Is In The Two Photos Of Winters. It features a very rare smaller version of […]

Weapons Of A WWII Paratrooper.Tommy Gun, Trench Knife, .45 Automatic, Grenade

The weapons of a WWII U.S. Paratrooper, from our D-Day exhibit. A Thompson sub-machine gun or "Tommy Gun", a Colt .45 automatic pistol, a M-1918 trench knife (modified) and a […]