Blood Stained M-42 Reinforced Paratrooper Uniform Worn On D-Day By Stanley Medaj 502 PIR 101st Airborne

Portfolio Description

Wounded on D-Day, 101st Airborne Paratrooper Stanley Medaj. This M-42 reinforced paratrooper uniform worn on D-Day by Stanley Medaj Headquarters Company 3rd Battalion 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne. Note the blood stains all over the uniform. His switchblade knife was still in the neck pocket when this uniform was obtained by us along with several of his other items. Stanley Medaj survived his wounds and fought in the rest of the war although he was evacuated from Normandy back to England just after D-Day. According to his family he suffered from partial loss of hearing as a result of his wounds. Medaj broke his foot during his jump into Normandy on D-Day. He also took some shrapnel in the face face from a German grenade resulting in the blood stains. We thank the family of Stanley Medaj for the use of their wartime photographs. This model 42-Parachute uniform was “reinforced” by parachute riggers by sewing patches of strong fabric over the elbows pockets and knees. This type of modification was only used during the D-Day drop. These uniforms were turned in after the Normandy campaign and a new much different type called the M-43 was used for the rest of the war. Medaj was in the hospital still, when uniforms were turned in and this explains why he held onto this set.  Authentic reinforced uniform sets from D-Day are very rare, only a very limited number are still in existence. This set is especially interesting and historic because of the fact he was wounded in action on D-Day.IMG_2911IMG_2908IMG_2912IMG_2909IMG_2905IMG_2900IMG_2902Medaj name