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President John F. Kennedy’s Personal Suit Worn 1955-60

 President John F. Kennedy's Personal Suit Worn 1955-60. This tailored suit by "H. Harris" was made for JFK in 1955 the tag inside says "Senator J. F. Kennedy. Kennedy wore […]

Part Of The Leather Seat From JFK’s Limo Stained With His Blood

November 22, 1963  President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas.  One of our most sacred artifacts is this  piece of the leather upholstery from JFK's limo from the […]

Caroline Kennedy Crayon Drawing On White House Paper And Earliest Known Autograph

A drawing made with crayons by Caroline Kennedy on White House paper. Also a photo signed by Caroline Kennedy to Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln JFK's secretary. Both were done while Caroline […]