Hitler’s Window handle Crank from the Eagle’s Nest taken by Major Stratford E. McKenrick of the U.S. 29th Division

Portfolio Description

hitler-door-knob-1hitler-door-knob-4hitler-door-knob-6. Stratfor   McKenrick landed on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. He was tasked with gathering any remaining intelligence in the Obersalzberg area where Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest  was in June 1945. See his pass to enter the area that was controlled by the Free French Army at that time. McKenrick, like so many U.S. soldiers took a souvenirs. But few war trophies were as historic as  this unique souvenir from Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. Many thanks to our friend Chris from the U.K. who found a 101st Airborne film showing this handle see photos.