Original Civil War Colt Army Revolver With Excellent Original Deep Patina, Antique Pistol Certified.


Original Civil War Colt Army Revolver With Excellent Patina Antique Pistol Certified. This Colt Army Revolver rates very fair for mechanical condition. The metal is smooth, the markings are crisp, the serial numbers match, there is no visible cylinder scene, the wood has a tight fit to the metal with nice finish, just a couple of dings on the flat of the butt, (see photo) and no visible cartouches on the grips. The serial number is 131550, giving it an 1864 date of manufacture, making it liable for use in some  of the great battles, cavalry fights and expeditions of the war.  The front sight is in place. The barrel and loading assembly, The barrel, and the cylinder is nice and but crisp Colts patent markings .  The nipples are not battered down. The mechanics are ok it does not hold a full cock and it fires at half-cock  and the pistol indexes properly.  A small adjustment should fix this. The wedge screw looks like it was replaced. The left frame shows a  Colts / Patent stamp on the left, good slots on the screw heads, and some thin case color above the trigger and around the screws. The triggerguard and strap are a medium brass. They fit the frame and the wood perfectly. The grips are good  and fit the frame and backstrap perfectly as well. The oil finish is very good. Otherwise just a few light handling marks. The strap itself shows bare metal, as does the screw head. This is a very nice .44 caliber Colt Army revolver that was a standard side arm for U.S. cavalrymen in the Civil War. It was popular among soldiers and well sought after by collectors. The 1864 date of manufacture and very good condition makes it a great candidate for a late to mid-war cavalry display.  This Colt Army revolver is a nice representative sidearm of the Civil War. Original Civil War Period A classic Civil War period pistol and A choice functioning display gun. A favorite of both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War. This gun is 100% guaranteed to be authentic, and unaltered . A fantastic functioning display piece. Complete museum documentation (COA) provided. This is a pre-1898 antique gun so no federal registration is required. Although this is a working gun we do not recommend firing antique guns. If you decide to   shoot it, we will not be held liable for any results. You are responsible for knowing your local laws. No sales to New Jersey, New York City, D.C., or outside the United States. No Paypal payments on guns. Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. Very Nice Looking Functioning  Example. A REAL CONVERSATION PIECE! Colt’s are the most popularly used sidearm of the Civil War. Great looking gun!