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Pickett’s Charge Relics -(Copse of Trees) Gettysburg Authentic Bullet And Battlefield Wood In Collector’s Glass Case Certified

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Pickett’s Charge Relics -(Copse of Trees) Gettysburg Authentic Bullet And BattleField Wood In Collector’s Glass Case. Authentic Civil War bullet recovered from the area around the “Copse Of Trees”. Plus Wood cut from the “Copse Of Trees”. The focal point of Pickett’s Charge and the most sacred spot on the Gettysburg Battlefield. All Gettysburg relics were obtained before it was national Park and are 100% legal to own. There will be no more bullets or relics from this area because relic hunting is now prohibited. The tree was removed from the battlefield by tree cutters and we obtained the wood legally from this source. A wonderful and rare set. This display comes matted and framed in a Riker display (collectors glass case). Mat color may vary. Great size 8″/12″ Comes museum documentation (COA). One side has the location and museum number one side is plain as shown in photo. Documented authentic bullets from Pickett’s Charge are rare! Very limited supply. Also see our listing for Gettysburg bullets in collectors boxes.  Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers.