Original German Nazi Party NSDAP 1935 DISTRICT DAY BADGE. (Kreistag Abzeichen) Certified


Original German Nazi Party NSDAP 1935 DISTRICT DAY BADGE. (Kreistag Abzeichen)   DAY BADGE Certified. (Gau Abzeichen) Die-struck alloy construction badge. Stamped metal badge with a bronze wash, in the form of a shield. A stylized eagle, whose wings extend beyond the limits of the shield, and which clutches a mobile swastika in its talons, is to its top. The lower arm of the swastika is partially obscured by a horizontal bar with “Kreistag” (District-day) to it. Arching beneath the bar, and following the contours of the base of the badge, is the location,  To the semi-circle formed between “Kreistag”  and “1935.” A vertical pin-back device is to its hollow-back reverse. “. Pin-back device is intact. Attractive badge.   lightly worn example; in overall good condition. Gettysburg Museum Certified (COA) provided. Rare 100% Guaranteed to be authentic. Sold for historic purposes only. See our other items on our web site.  Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. A RARE BADGE Excellent  image, Seldom seen!