Original WWI German PRUSSIAN EM/NCO’S M1915 PICKELHAUBE. WITH OLD VETERAN TAG Classic “Spike” Helmet Brought Home By A U.S. Soldier Certified


Original WWI German PRUSSIAN EM/NCO’S M1915 PICKELHAUBE. Classic “Spike” Helmet. Development of the pickelhaube may be traced back to the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV who initiated the original design and introduced it for wear by most of the Prussian line Infantry regiments on October 23RD 1842. The pickelhaube became a visual symbol of Prussia’s military might and underwent numerous modifications starting in 1860 and continuing right up until 1915. The demise of the pickelhaube began in the fields of WWI as a result of increased head wounds suffered by the German troops which were mainly caused by grenade and shell fragments. As a result of the increased head wounds and the development of the first “modern” steel helmets by the French army in early 1915 and by the British army later that year the German army began tests for their own steel helmet at the Kummersdorf Proving Grounds in November, and in the field in December 1915. An acceptable pattern was developed and approved and production of the new steel helmets began at the Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, in the spring of 1916. After the introduction of the M16 helmet the pickelhaube was relegated for wear only on ceremonial occasions. Prussian M1915 Pickelhaube in overall good condition. Eagle Wappen and removable M15 spike top are all original to the helmet. Lacquer in very good condition still retaining some of its  original gloss. Prussian and Reich Kokardes are gone. Chin strap is gone.  Good solid undamaged leather liner. Size about 57.  Very nice example of an M15 that would display very nice. An honest untouched German helmet. Has an old Veteran’s tag with the name of the solider who brought it back! Gettysburg Museum Certified (COA) provided. Please also see our other items on our web page.