OUTSTANDING VERY LARGE Original WWII Japanese Garrison NATIONAL FLAG Captured From Saipan Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified


Original WWII Japanese Garrison Size NATIONAL FLAG From Saipan Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified. VERY LARGE about 70″/96″  mult-piece linen cloth with 39″  diameter red “Himaru” is sewn to the center of the flag’s white field. We placed a helmet on the flag for size reference. . Shows the expected age and use. . It has period leather reinforcements and ropes for attaching to a large pole. The flag was loaned to a Military Museum where it was  professionally repaired with acid free linen (see photos). The ends were frayed from flying and the repairs are really only visible on one side.  This was done for display purposes and could easily be removed if you chose to do so. We think it looks great the way it is.  100% Guaranteed to be authentic and is certified by The Gettysburg Museum Of History and comes with our Museum COA (certificate of authenticity). A rare piece of WWII history. DO NOT MISS THIS! One of the better ones we have seen, excellent, Garrison flags ARE RARE! They were not brought home because of the the size. This being from Saipan makes this extremely desirable and RARE!