Rare Herman Goering Reichsmarschall Funeral Wreath Sash Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified


Rare Herman Goering Reichsmarschall Funeral Wreath Sash Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified. Funeral sashes for wreath were from funerals of Politically connected Nazis or High ranking Military. They would be present at funerals and were gifts from connected people deceased people Hitler and Goering and other high leaders gave them to the deceased in their grand funerals (see photos)  and sometimes the family saved them. The sash is in two pieces, apparently having been cut in half for ease of mailing or transport by the G.I. who brought the sash home as a souvenir. The two pieces of the sash are each 10-5/8 inches wide. The wreath that carried this sash was undoubtedly massive, because one half of the sash is approximately 54 inches long with 1-1/2 inches of gold bullion fringe, the other section of the sash is approximately 94-1/2 inches long plus the fringe. We placed a helmet in one photo for size comparison.  One section of the sash bears the words “Der Reichsmarschall des Grossdeutschen Reich” (“From the Reich Marshall of the Greater German Reich”). The opposite side of the sash bears a large, embroidered Reich Marshall eagle, measuring approximately 7 inches by 7 inches in size. As noted, the sash is in two sections. There is wear to the lettering on the sash, and some expected fading of the red satin material, but the sash remains exceptionally impressive. These are extremely rare and we have only seen a few. The Adolf Hitler version is more common because several was found at Nazi Party Headquarters (The Brown House) in Munich at the end of the war.  100% guaranteed to be authentic complete museum documentation (COA) provided. An amazing historical artifact from the 20th century’s most infamous personalities.  Don’t miss your chance to own a real museum authenticated piece with Museum provenance. Please see our other items on the web site. Third Reich Personality items are a great investment item and the prices keep going up and with real  provenance makes this a rare and desirable piece. Very RARE!