Salty Original WWII Japanese NATIONAL FLAG WITH KANJI Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified


Original WWII Japanese SOLDIER’S PERSONAL  NATIONAL FLAG WITH KANJI And  Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified. Most Japanese troops during the second world war carried a personal flag. They had practical as well as patriotic uses, such as marking positions to keep them safe from friendly aircraft while advancing. One piece  example is 68cm x 52cm. An approximately 22cm diameter red “Himaru” is screened to the center of the flag’s white field. We placed a helmet on the flag for size reference. Handwritten, in black, around the Himaru are a few kanji characters.  Shows the expected age and use.  Has some slight tears and staining. A few moth nips too. This flag was almost certainty taken from a KILLED IN ACTION Japanese Soldier, Japanese Soldiers rarely surrendered. This flag does have what looks like stains on the flag. It has WWII period leather corner reinforcements for the tie strings. In combat captured salty  condition and  it’s very displayable and could be farmed and it would look nice. The flag is fragile. 100% Guaranteed to be authentic and is certified by The Gettysburg Museum Of History and comes with our Museum COA (certificate of authenticity). A rare piece of WWII history. DO NOT MISS THIS!