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A Collection Of Civil War Bullets From Little Round Top Gettysburg Battlefield With Old Tag.

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A group of 11 Civil War bullets with an old tag and cloth bag they came in. The interesting tag says “Bullet from (tree)?? on Little Round Top Gettysburg battlefield”. Old tagged Gettysburg relics are very desirable especially coming from Little Round Top. This group could possibly have been from a tree that fell and rotted and the lead bullets were removed from the rotted log. People found bullets in rotted logs on the Gettysburg battlefield for many decades after the battle. Little Round Top was very fiercely fought over and this many bullets coming from a tree is not impossible. An interesting relic lot shipped in a Rikker glass case.  All Gettysburg relics were obtained before it was national Park and are 100% legal to own. There will be no more  relics from the battlefield because relic hunting is now prohibited. 100% Guaranteed the be Authentic, Comes with Museum documentation (COA). Please see our other Gettysburg and Civil War relics.