Mega RARE EXTRA LARGE ADOLF HITLER’S Personal Silver Formal Creamer Brought Home By A U.S. Solider Certified


Mega RARE EXTRA LARGE ADOLF HITLER’S Personal Silver Formal Creamer Brought Home By A U.S. Solider Certified. Massive Original Adolf Hitler Serving Creamer By Wellner Certified By The Gettysburg Museum Of History. Extremely Rare Adolf Hitler’s Personal Silver VERY Large  (almost 7″ way bigger than the standard creamer)!!!!!!Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified. . Made by Wellner with their name stamped and the number “16”  that is the code for this size creamer. This is the BIGGEST creamer size”.   Most items that service items were recovered at The Berghof (Hitler’s Home) and the Eagle’s Nest at Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden. Some were also found in Munich at the Furherbau. The silver creamer has an engraved Hitler National Eagle with a Wreath Swastika and Hitler’s personal “AH” monogram.   This is in fact one of the the rare and the most desirable of all Hitler silver items. This was recovered most likely from the Berghof   or Eagle’s Nest, or Fuhrerbau by a U.S. soldier in May of 1945. This large creamer is in good used condition a few scratches and smudges one slight insignificant push.  This creamer has all the correct maker marks and hallmarks for the piece. The outside surface is bright and polished the back has some slight tarnishing that could be polished if the new owner desires.   Adolf Hitler Silver was the most desirable of all war trophies. Every U.S. soldier wanted to bring home something of Hitler’s. Hitler’s silver was the choice item. Unlike silver eating utensils that had many in a set the large serving pieces where much fewer (and hard to carry). Many U.S. soldiers who where lucky enough to get a hold of Hitler’s silver opted for the less cumbersome eating utensils. Many times only officers or soldiers with access to motor vehicles carried big pieces home. This item was very difficult to photograph because of the bright shine of the silver (it looks much BIGGER and better in person) 100% guaranteed to be authentic complete museum documentation (COA) Museum letter provided. An amazing historical artifact from the   20th century’s most infamous person Adolf Hitler. Do Not Miss this rare offering! BIG! When Size Matters!  The formal pattern is the most ornate and desirable pattern of all the Hitler silver and they are getting very difficult for us to find. Hitler personal items are a great investment item and the prices keep going up and investment potential endless.   See our other pieces on our web site. Outstanding  piece! Complete Tea Set is not included and only shown as a reference offering is for the large creamer . DON’T MISS THIS! HITLER’S SILVER IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND NOW! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN! Formal Pattern is THE MOST DESIRABLE of all the Hitler Silver AND RARELY COME TO MARKET! This is only the 3rd LARGE creamer we have seen! MEGA MEGA RARE!

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