Original WWII German Fire Police FEUERSCHUTZPOLIZEI NCO’S VISOR CAP. (Schirmmütze) Certified


Original WWII German Fire Police FEUERSCHUTZPOLIZEI NCO’S VISOR CAP. (Schirmmütze) Certified. On June 17TH 1936, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler was appointed to the newly created position of Chef der Deutschen Polizei im Reichsministerium des Innern, (Chief of the German Police in the National Ministry of the Interior), effectively giving him full control of all police agencies within Germany including the Feuerschutzpolizei, (Fire Protection Police). As a result of this appointment and the restructuring of all the separate German state police into a single national police force new regulations were instituted to bring about uniformity in dress for all police through-out the country. Nice quality, Feuerschutzpolizei NCO’s visor cap features a deep navy blue doeskin wool body, a black velvet centerband and Feuerschutzpolizei carmine wool truppenfarbe, (Branch of service color), to the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the centerband. The internal wire stiffener is still in place giving the cap a nice high peak to the front center of the crown. The front center of the cap has a three piece national tri-color cockade consisting of a black, fluted, alloy base, a silver washed alloy roundel and an inset red felt central dot. The front center of the centerband has a stamped, polished aluminum, second pattern, (circa April 1936-May 1945), police eagle encompassed by a vertically oval oak-leaf wreath. The eagle and wreath are still quite clean and bright. The cap has a blackened patent leather chinstrap intact with two, black painted, rectangular, magnetic sheet metal, sliding length adjustment buckles. The chinstrap is secured to the cap by two, small, black painted smooth surface magnetic sheet metal buttons. The cap has a black lacquered vulcanfibre visor with a raised lip to the forward edge. The interior crown of the cap is lined in orangish/tan oilcloth. The oilcloth crown lining has a fully intact, clear celluloid sweat diamond machine stitched in place. The sweat diamond has a small pocket . The crown lining has silver printed script beneath the sweat diamond which includes the manufacturers logo and, “Stirndruckfrei”, (Forehead Pressure Free). The interior of the cap also has a wide tan leather sweatband fully intact with some cracking (see photos). The cap is in overall very good condition with minimal age and usage toning and a few small moth nips to the piping. Cap is about a size 59 or 60. Nice clean, untouched example. Brought home by a U.S. Veteran Nice example with expected used U.S. Veteran bring-back condition. Gettysburg Museum Certified (COA) provided. Rare 100% Guaranteed to be authentic. Sold for historic purposes only. See our other pieces on our web site.    Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. OUTSTANDING NICE EXAMPLE! Don’t Miss it!