VERY RARE Direct Veteran Provenance Adolf Hitler’s Personal Formal Silver Tray From His Office At The Fuhrerbau In Munich Brought Home By A U.S. Solider Certified By The Gettysburg Museum Of History


Adolf Hitler’s Personal Formal Silver Monogram Eagle Tray  “Liberated” From The Fuhrerbau In Munich By A U.S. Solider Certified By The Gettysburg Museum Of History. A silver Hitler hand tray has Hitler’s personal national eagle with his “AH” monogram. It has all the proper hallmarks on the back (see photos). This Silver tray by Wellner is from “The Hitler Personal Formal Pattern” Butler Set. It is the most fancy and most desirable of all the Hitler silver sets. Has a few small dings and slight scratches from use and storage wear but displays very well. (it is very difficult to photograph the brilliance of this silver). This smaller (very displayable size) piece was from Hitler’s office and when he wanted something like a single cup of tea or a bite to eat from the Kitchen it would be served on this “butler tray” VERY VERY RARE! This piece was brought home along with several other pieces by U.S. Officer Captain Donald Webster who was  attached to the 7th Army group and they were over the 42nd and 45th Divisions who first entered Munich in May 1945.  (see his letter). The 42nd Division (7th Army) was among the first U.S. troops to enter Munich and they captured the Fuhrerbau (Hitler’s Office).    This “Formal Pattern” silver was used in the Fuhrerbau when Hitler was present.   The formal  set pieces is the most rare and most desirable of all. Hitler’s silver  was the ultimate war trophy for U.S. soldiers. 100% guaranteed to be authentic complete museum documentation (COA) provided. Also you will get a copy of the Veteran’s letter where he describes this tray as an “oval flat tray” Offering for one formal Hitler silver tray as pictured. An amazing historical artifact from the 20th century’s most infamous person.   Hitler silver always sells very fast when we get them. Don’t miss your chance to own a real museum authenticated Hitler piece with excellent   U.S. Veteran provenance. If you ever wanted a Hitler item with very solid U.S. Veteran provenance and history this is as good as it gets, originally   purchased from the Vet himself! Ex Dr. Mark Griffith Collection who wrote the book on Hitler Silver and bought this piece directly. Hitler personal items are a great investment item and the prices keep going up and investment potential endless.   See our other pieces on our web site. The small silver trays are some of the more scarce pieces and most collectible of all the Hitler silver! Do not miss this, you won’t find another anytime soon! MEGA RARE!