Exploded Musket From The Battle Of Gettysburg

Portfolio Description

A Civil War exploded musket from the battle of Gettysburg. This is the result of overloading a musket. In combat muskets would sometimes misfire from black powder residue buildup. Soldiers would pick up a musket or rifle from a fallen comrade when their musket jammed. If the musket was already loaded when picked up and the soldier loaded it a second time an exploded musket is the result in some cases. This musket is a testament to the fierce fighting during the battle of Gettysburg. The percussion conversion on this musket suggests a southern (Confederate) conversion. Formerly displayed in the Jennie Wade Museum Gettysburg, circa early 20th century until circa 1960’s. Also displayed in the Charlie Weaver (Soldier’s Museum) Gettysburg 1960’s- 2014. Now on exhibit at The Gettysburg Museum of History.IMG_2719