Confederate Bugle Found At The Pfeffer Farm Battle Of Gettysburg

Portfolio Description

A Civil War bugle found at the Pfeffer Farm Gettysburg. The Pfeffers fled when the battle of Gettysburg came to save their animals from the Confederate Army who were taking everything. Their home and farm was occupied by Confederates. When they returned on July 4 or 5th they found this bugle. The Pfeffer farm was near the Eisenhower farm (Freedom Township) during the battle. The Pfeffers moved to Ziegler’s Grove shortly after the battle and farmed Ziegler’s Grove and the fields of Pickett’s Charge until their property was obtained by the NPS in the early 20th Century. The Pfeffer family collection of Gettysburg battlefield relics on display at The Gettysburg Museum of History is the only original family Gettysburg relic collections still in the hands of the original family still being exhibited. The Museum’s curator Erik Dorr is the descendant of the Pfeffers of Gettysburg