Original Civil War Colt Navy Revolver 1862 Serial Number Recovered In Virginia Antique Certified


Original Civil War Colt Navy Revolver 1861 Serial Number Recovered In Virginia Antique Certified. This is a semi working relic example of a Colt model 1861 Navy revolver.  These were manufactured from 1861 through 1873.  This is .36 caliber, six shot revolver with a 7 ½” round barrel. Trigger guard and back strap are made of brass.  Serial number is 109991 which dates this to 1862 production. Serial number appears on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, and back strap.  It has some deep pitting and some dings and dents to the iron, the back strap bent upward. REMARKABLY THE GUN STILL COCKS AND THE CYLINDER STILL ADVANCES!  The loading lever does not move.  Revolver is remarkably complete considering its past treatment.  Iron and brass exhibit the nice dark patina of a weathered relic. I do not think this is a “dug” relic; more likely a barn find. The old tag says it’s a barn find from Virginia. Even so, serial numbers are visible, and the Colt name is partly visible. The walnut grips are still nice. There is a hole cut to put a lanyard through the back strap. A great relic gun that still cocks and fires! This Colt Navy revolver is a nice representative sidearm of the Civil War. Original Civil War Period A classic Civil War period pistol and A choice semi- functioning display gun. A favorite of both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War. This gun is 100% guaranteed to be authentic, and unaltered . A fantastic functioning display piece. Complete museum documentation (COA) provided. This is a pre-1898 antique gun so no federal registration is required. Although this is a semi-working gun we do not recommend firing antique guns. If you decide to   shoot it, we will not be held liable for any results. You are responsible for knowing your local laws. No sales to New Jersey, New York City, D.C., or outside the United States. No Paypal payments on guns. Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. A REAL CONVERSATION PIECE! Colt’s are the most popularly used sidearm of the Civil War. Great looking gun!