Adolf Hitler’s Personal Berlin Stationary Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified


RARE ORIGINAL PERSONAL STATIONARY NOTE PAPER OF ADOLF HITLER CERTIFIED. This paper was recovered from the Furhrerbau in Munch by a U.S. Solider. Much of the Berlin Nazi Party NSDAP items was moved there in the spring of 1945 when it became clear that Berlin would soon fall to the Soviets. In May of 1945 the U.S. 42nd and 45th divisions along with supporting units entered Munch and the remains of the Brownhouse and the Fuhrerbau and found all kinds of Nazi Party and Hitler related items. This piece of paper has Adolf Hitler’s personal letterhead and was used by Hitler for writing notes and simple letters. In good condition.   Complete museum documentation (COA) Provided. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of History. 100% guaranteed to be authentic. The Gettysburg Museum of History does not support or condone Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party and is only offering this as a historic relic. Please see our other items.    Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. Hitler personal artifacts are RARE and Very Desirable To Collectors And Historians! DO NOT MISS THIS! RARE!