Original WWII 1943 Dated U.S. Model M3 Knife With M6 Scabbard Used By Airborne Trooper Certified


Original WWII 1943 Dated U.S. Model M3 Knife With M6 Scabbard Used By Airborne Trooper Certified. The regulation M3 knife was introduced in March 1943. The blade bears the markings USM3 and 1943 maker “imperial” . This knife was used by the US Army, but heavily used by all airborne troops (Paratroopers). Comes with it’s original USM6 leather scabbard. This russet leather sheath is made up of two pieces sewn together and reinforced by rivets and staples. A metal eyelt at the tip allows the scabbard to be secured to the leg. Still has it’s original leather tie down cord.  Fastening of the two leather parts by a strong sewn seam. The sheath features strengthening pieces consisting of two rectangular metal plates, one on each side, fastened by four rivets which help keep together the leather. Metal staples reinforce the mouth of the scabbard; the hilt is to be held in place upon the uppermost part by a leather strap with snap fastener. A flat hook allows the scabbard to be attached to the pistol belt, although it can be fixed to the pants belt — or to the leg for paratroopers — thanks to the loop and leather lace. Markings U.S. M6 and 1943 and maker Vener are embossed in the leather. The rare classic WWII Paratrooper “boot knife”. In good but used condition, as almost all of these that were combat used the blade was sharpened and it shows moderate to fair use so the blade has little original finish  but the leather is still very pliable and in good condition. The scabbard in good but used from field use condition.   Over all great example.  100% Guaranteed to be authentic Complete museum documentation (COA) Provided. Certified by The Gettysburg Museum of   History.   Please see our   other items.  Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. OUTSTANDING Combat Used! RARE! Do Not Miss This One!