Original WWII German Army (Heer) Cavalry NCO Set Shoulder Boards With Regimental Cyper Certified


Original WWII German Army (Heer) Cavalry NCO Set Shoulder Boards With Regimental Cypher Certified. On November 26TH 1938 the first pattern, pointed tip, shoulder straps without waffenfarben, (Branch of Service), piping, utilized by EM/NCO’s were replaced with a rounded tip shoulder strap that included the branch of service waffenfarben. Originally these second pattern straps were manufactured in blue/green badge cloth until regulations in May 1940 altered their construction to field-grey wool. These second pattern shoulder straps were worn for the duration of the war although a third and final pattern was introduced in September 1944. The different branches of service within the German army were allocated a particular identifying waffenfarbe, (branch of service), color which was displayed as piping on the shoulder straps with white being chosen for Infantry personnel. Originally NCO ranks wore a bright silver/aluminum tress on the forward collar edge of the dress and service tunics, on the tropical and continental field blouses, as adornment on the shoulder straps and dress tunic cuffs and also as sleeve rank chevrons. On April 25TH 1940 a new subdued tress of matte blue/grey rayon was introduced for wear on the field uniform and a subdued golden tan rayon tress was introduced for wear on the tropical uniform. Although these new subdued tress’s were intended to replace the highly visible bright silver/aluminum tress it continued in usage until the end of the war. Early, (November 1938-May 1940), second pattern, blue/green badge cloth construction, slip on shoulder straps with a single stamped alloy rank pip to each along with diamond patterned, NCO’s tress to all the outside edges and yellow wool waffenfarbe piping. With regimental number cypher “1”. Great set most likely from the same uniform.  Nice example showing the expected minor age and wear overall good condition.  In good but used condition. Gettysburg Museum Certified (COA) provided. 100% Guaranteed to be authentic brought home by a U.S. Veteran. Sold for historic purposes only. See our other pieces on our web site. Also note when browsing our web site there are several pages of items, at the bottom of the list look for other page numbers. Great artifact! don’t miss it! VERY GOOD CONDITION!